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Start the year off with an organized home (pt.1)

People are affected emotionally based on their environment.

There is an important mental health benefit to having your space clear and being a little more minimalist because it affects the way we think and the way we function.

Is the process of getting rid of things overwhelming? Start small by focusing on one small area of the house each day.

The Junk Drawer

1. Empty the drawer and get rid of items that don't belong in the drawer.

2. Clean the drawer & place different sized drawer organizers inside. Use an icemaker for very small items & cutlery trays.

3. Make conscious decisions of what needs to be in the drawer.

4. Use another drawer for everything tech & wrap chords neatly.

5. Remove old electronics.

Almost every house has a junk drawer but the good news is that it doesn’t have to look like a junk drawer!

Useful Products

Here are Items that should be in the "junk drawer"

The Linen Closet

1. Empty the closet and get rid of items that don't belong in the space.

2. Clean the closet, place acrylic containers & small to large baskets inside.

3. Make conscious decisions of what needs to be in the closet.

4. Choose colour coordinated linen

5. Place blankets & larger items in the large baskets below.

6. Throw out old & unused linen or decide what to give away or repair.

7. Use over the door hooks for extra storage.

8. Invest in quality linen. 100% cotton sheets are great or 100% linen.

9. Take the time to fold your towels & bed linen neatly. It's also important for children to become used to seeing very tidy areas.

10. If the closet is dark & uninspiring, its a good idea to give the closet a makeover by adding fresh paint and new shelves.

Useful Products:

Your Documents - Create an organizing system for your paperwork

1. Use Trays, binders, filing drawers, file boxes, receipt folders etc. to stay organized.

2. Categorize documents and always place them in the right spot.

3. Label the organizers to save time.

4. Use a special file folder for very important documents.

5. Receipt folders are separated by month. Place receipts in with the correct month.

6. Create a designated area for all paperwork.

Useful Items:


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