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Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home

Is your home dark & drab? Consider transforming it into an open concept space by removing unnecessary walls for the bright, open space you've always wanted!

Too much too soon? Well here are tips that will brighten your home without knocking down walls.

Tip 1: Wall Paint

Wall paint is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about brightening up a room. So yes, change that burgundy or the ugly sewage green color to a much, much lighter color. Remember to prime the walls first or use paint with added primer. If you're unsure which color to choose, just go ahead and choose white because it will accommodate all types of décor colors. You can always change the color or add a 2nd tone when you get inspired to use or add a different color in the future.

If you love the dark color on your walls then consider white moldings for the doors, base boards and the ceiling for contrast.

If you have ceilings made with dark wood, there are creative ways to highlight the beams and parts of the wood as shown below

Tip 2: Replace dark & mismatched appliances

Black appliances will definitely darken your kitchen so replace them with stainless steel or white. Be sure to stay consistent with the colors.

Tip 3: Update Cabinets, Backsplash & Countertops to Lighter Colors

- Re-paint your dark cabinets or replace your upper & lower cabinets with a lighter color.

- Choose a light backsplash design that's not too dark and busy

- The countertop should compliment the kitchen's color scheme.

You may like dark wood, however it will darken your kitchen. If you're passionate about your dark colored cabinets, then white kitchen walls will create a nice contrast. It will be essential to add great lighting using a bright pendant lamp or even 3 if the space allows it.

Tip 4: Install lighting fixtures & Mirrors to brighten the rooms

Mirrors are great for increasing the amount of natural light inside rooms. Mirrors will also make the room feel bigger depending on where they are placed and the size.

Lighting fixtures can be conversational pieces because there are so many options of unique designs on the market. They brighten the room and add personality to the space.

Follow these tips and your home will feel fresh, clean and appear a lot more spacious.

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