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4 Stylish Ideas for your Dining Room

We don’t all have traditional dining rooms, so the idea of dining and entertaining changes to accommodate different lifestyles.

Many people are downsizing to smaller homes, and there are others with the extra space to accommodate open concepts & large dining areas. Here are a few ideas to make your dining space look opulent no matter the size!

Tip 1: Quality Tableware

  • Quality tableware adds sophistication. Shop for elegant, matching tableware that reflects the décor theme of the dining area.

  • It’s a good idea to have extra tableware if you need to prepare for a dinner party or an extended family get together at home. Your guests will be impressed.

  • Your flatware (knives, forks, spoons etc.) should not be the cheap flimsy kind from the corner store. Your flatware should have some weight and durability.

Tip 2: Durable Dining Table & Chairs

  • Durable dining table is essential especially if you have a young busy family

  • Choose chairs that are comfortable & easy to clean. Chairs can also be covered with nice interchangeable slip covers

  • Choose unique chairs for small spaces

  • Bar stools can make a great design statement. Bar high dining works well in small spaces and can look very cool.

  • Say no to the table cloth. Use runners and table mats to help protect your table.

  • Its important to choose chairs that work for the space

Tip 3: Lighting

  • Get a pendant lamp for your dining room and the entry way… You wont regret it.

  • Another option for the dining room is to install recessed lights or pot lights.

  • A well placed mirror in the dining room will make the room bigger and brighter.

Tip 4: Wall Moldings

  • Moldings are special boards installed on the wall. They have to be trimmed to a preferred size & joined together to form a decoration.

  • Well placed moldings subtly decorate the walls to make the dining space feel upscale and elegant.

  • Pre-planning is important to layout the trims with precision.

  • Simple designs are enough to transform the look and feel of the room.

  • Picture frame molding looks best in the dining room

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