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Weekly Lawn Maintenance – Service includes cutting grass, trimming small trees/shrubs, cleanup and biweekly edging. $7,000 -


Edging – This service creates crisp lines between lawns and nearby pathways, garden beds, or other areas. First Edging $2,000+


Mulch Installation – Application of mulch (organic materials like leaves and straw) to the soil’s surface is one way to control weed growth and promote soil health. Service includes mulching of landscape beds and a fresh 2” layer of mulch. Please call to schedule estimate.


Shrub Pruning / Trimming – Medium-sized to large shrubbery / hedges. $500 -$1,000 each


Weeding / Weed Control - Weed removal to keep them from growing out of control and competing with plants and flowers.  ($4,000/hr) 


Tree Pruning / Trimming – Cut overgrown trees. Dead or infected branches and stems are removed to encourage healthy growth. Large sized: $7,000


Planting: Plant shrubs, trees, & flowers according to specific landscape design or request. $1,500


Lawn Fertilizing – Program includes 7 rounds of applications (1 per month) of fertilizer / pesticide to provide a healthy and lush lawn. Schedule estimate


Overseeding – Applied when lawns show signs of deterioration. It involves spreading new grass seed over an existing lawn to improve overall lawn health. Schedule estimate


Sod or turf installation: Sodding is a fast way to create a lawn and involves picking up, unrolling, and laying turf. Schedule estimate


Tree Removal – $5,000 +



If you have any questions regarding service would like to discuss specific requirements for your property, please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you.

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